SolarWinds IT Management Platform

SolarWinds ICT Security Management

From affordable SIEM solution to
Active Directory monitoring

Your ICT infrastructure secure

Access Rights Manager

Manage and control access rights within your ICT infrastructure. Improve your compliance.

Security Event Manager

Affordable enterprise SIEM solution. From log management to active response.


Network Configuration Manager

Reduce costs, save labor hours, stay compliant with a comprehensive network management system.

Server Configuration 


Insight into system changes and easily compare server configurations. Cloud and on-premise.


ICT Security Management tools

ICT infrastructure has many levels at which security is important. Firewalls, the core network, (cloud) servers, applications, PCs and laptops, IoT, OT.... Quite a list of equipment in your ICT infrastructure. All these components pose a risk to the security of your data. With an enormous number of entrances, their monitoring is complex and extensive.

Three components are important to monitor all entrances:

  • Proper security tools - firewalls, anti-virus software, etc.
  • Design of the ICT environment that maximizes security and optimizes its monitoring
  • Software to monitor all inputs

SolarWinds' ICT Security Management tools help monitor the entrances (3). All information (including logging) is collected and correlated here. Setting up a secure environment and attempts at intrusion are controlled by this software. The information that becomes available will improve your overall IT security and detect problems quickly. Major threats can also be responded to immediately with countermeasures. We are happy to assist you in creating a design plan and implementing the project.

With the right ICT Security Management tools, the right resources (such as firewalls LINK) and setup (LINK) from points 1 and 2 are not yet implicitly in order. We also help you with the supply and design of firewalls.

Would you rather outsource your ICT Security Management to an expert? Then view our SOC services. (LINK)

In control of all your access rights
Affordable enterprise SIEM solution with active response
Compliant with an extensive ICT network management system
In control of all server configurations

More insight into your IT security?

Access Rights Manager - ARM

The tool for simplified Active Directory provisioning on your ICT network.
Recognize and manage high-risk access rights
Minimize the impact of insider threats
Improve compliance by detecting changes

Active Directory Monitoring
Automate the management, analysis and enforcement of access rights.

Demonstrate your compliance
Quickly generate and deliver comprehensive user access reports for regulatory compliance and audits.

Minimized risk
Manage risk by detecting malicious access attempts and compromised accounts.

  • Quickly identify who has access to what
  • Fast, accurate account registration
  • Delegate access rights management

Security Event Manager - SEM

Affordable enterprise SIEM solution.

A range of options to actively and effectively secure your ICT network. Easy to configure to quickly and effectively secure your ICT network at Enterprise level.

The SolarWinds SEM combines log management, threat detection (threads), normalization and correlation, reporting, file integrity monitoring, user activity monitoring, USB detection and prevention, threat intelligence and active response in a virtual appliance that is easy to deploy, manage and use.

  • Real-time correlation
  • Built-in active response
  • Continuously up-to-date 'Feeds' - threat identification and response
  • Hundreds of out-of-the-box connectors
  • Fast configuration through a wide choice of templates
  • Compliance reporting and audits with ready-to-use reports and filters
  • Intuitive interface

Network Configuration Manager - NCM

Reduce costs, save working hours and stay compliant with a comprehensive IT network management system.

Improve root-cause analysis with NCM and NetPath.

See when a network configuration change affects a service path through integration with SolarWinds NetPath.

Discover how changes affect performance.

Accelerate resolution of performance issues after configuration changes by integrating with PerfStack.

Protect your network against unwanted changes

Automate the backup of network configurations, maintain baselines, and enable approval of proposed changes through workflows.

  • Network automation
  • Network compliance and management
  • Configuration backup
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Network Insight for Cisco and Palo Alto
  • Integration with Network Performance Monitor (NPM)

Server Configuration Monitor - SCM

Insight into system changes and easily compare configurations over time with this change monitoring tool.

Track server and application changes

Check databases for unauthorized changes

correlate configuration changes with performance

Improve visibility

Easily see if an application or server configuration change is causing a performance issue or outage.

Make compliance measurable

Operationalize compliance monitoring of server configurations by adding OOTB policies and viewing dynamic reports.

Quality server configuration

Quickly understand whether configuration changes are related to a malfunction or performance issue.

Detect and compare configuration changes of your servers, databases and applications

  • Baseline server and application configurations on Windows and Linux
  • Alert and report on deviations from baseline in near real-time
  • See who is making configuration changes to servers or applications
  • Compare current configurations with previous versions
  • Correlate configuration changes with performance metrics
  • Maintain server hardware and software inventory

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