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SolarWinds Consultancy

Your SolarWinds partner for optimal ICT monitoring

  • Installation, upgrades, optimizations, automation
  • SolarWinds Partner for over 20 years
  • Expert SolarWinds consultants with years of practical experience
  • Can't get something into your monitoring system? Let us have a look, it is often possible anyway

Why SolarWinds consultancy?

SolarWinds monitoring is an extremely extensive monitoring software package with many options. The advantage of the SolarWinds software is that you are not forced to look at the IT environment in a certain way.

The extensive options and enormous flexibility of the SolarWinds monitoring package however can be a bit overwhelming at first.

Our SolarWinds specialists create a wide variety of SolarWinds installations for organizations in all sectors. ICT teams are guided to a monitoring solution that actually brings their ICT environment 'in control'. Even when the belief is that something cannot be monitored.

Your management goes from reactive to proactive.

SolarWinds consultancy - What is your challenge?

SolarWinds Quick Start

Quick Start: What to do?

Bought SolarWinds modules... And now?

Smooth, well-designed monitoring with dashboards.

SolarWinds - Challenges

Specific challenges

Monitor specific equipment, alerts that trigger precisely.

SolarWinds can do it.

SolarWinds - Colleagues

A shortage of resources

SolarWinds is important to you. Yet there is not enough time for maintenance or design.

Solarwinds - Upgrades-and-migrations

Upgrades and migrations

Need to upgrade or migrate your SolarWinds system? We'll help you keep a working system.
SolarWinds Quickly installed

Quick Start - Get live quickly with SolarWinds

Bought SolarWinds module(s)... but what now? The standard dashboards provide a good basis to get started quickly with SolarWinds. It is of course best to immediately set up the monitoring environment as your organization wishes. SolarWinds offers a huge amount of options and it can be overwhelming.

Not enough time and know-how to configure and set up SolarWinds as you wish?
With our SolarWinds consultancy you get expertise in-house to get off to a good start quickly.

  • Best practices for configuring the SolarWinds system
  • Time saving
  • Efficient approach
  • Quickly a live monitoring environment

SolarWinds - Challenges overcome

Specific SolarWinds challenges

Sometimes there are situations in SolarWinds where you just cannot find the right solution by yourself. For example, alerts that do not trigger correctly. Or equipment that seems impossible to monitor. Don't worry, we are ready for you.

A selection of what we can help you with:

  • Creating alerts
  • Monitoring specific equipment
    • System information, CPU and Memory are not recognized
    • Too little information such as interfaces, volumes, etc.
    • Monitoring is not possible via standard protocols
    • Standard SAM components do not show what you want
  • Integrations
    • Provisioning
    • Ticket systems
    • Middleware
    • Orchestration
SolarWinds - logo - standard
SolarWinds - Assisting with configuration

Shortage of resources and colleagues

Want to pay more attention  to your SolarWinds monitoring? But due to a lack of knowledge or an abundance of daily activities there is just not enough time? Reduce the workload together with our network and SolarWinds expertise.

Our SolarWinds consultants pave the way for a proactive approach. Shift from a reactive to a proactive approach. The workload decreases and there is more time for other important tasks.

  • Regular help with maintenance and design
  • Quick and easy to plan
  • Short and clear lines of communication
  • From reactive to proactive

SolarWinds - Upgrades and migrations

SolarWinds upgrades and migrations

Upgrades and migrations require more than just extensive knowledge of SolarWinds software. The fear of ending up with a non-working system often delays planning upgrades or migrations.

By ensuring a structured and tailor-made approach, that risk is drastically reduced.
With our SolarWinds consultancy we provide the expertise and support needed to get the most out of your SolarWinds monitoring environment.

  • Specific knowledge that prevents issues
  • Upgrade or migration time is kept as short as possible – monitoring downtime is minimal
  • Structured approach tailor-made by experienced SolarWinds and network consultants
  • Customized step-by-step plan with clear communication

Want to get more out of your SolarWinds quickly?