Armis Centrix

The Cyber Exposure Management Platform

  • Scans the entire network, recognizes all equipment and shows present vulnarabilities.
  • Agentless protection of all (un)managed assets (IT/OT/IoT/IoMT), including equipment on which EDR cannot be installed. 
  • Real-time insight into vulnerabilities of all devices connected to your network, what to do to protect you and in what order actions should be taken.
  • Asset-, vulnerability- and threat-intelligence is combined by Armis using its cloud-based, AI-driven Intelligence Engine.
  • Every device and every connection always in view with the option to enrich your CMDB.
  • All findings and warnings visible in a clear dashboard.
  • Studies and compares behaviour and intervenes when necessary.

Cyber Security for IT, OT, IoT and IoMT - 
Managed and unmanaged

Armis - IT Security from floor to cloud

To what extent is your complex IT environment susceptible to cyber attacks? Do you know exactly and in real-time what is active in the network and what is happening?
Armis offers you  a detailed picture and it proactively helps protect you against cyber attacks. You will have real-time insight into the security risks of your entire IT network, of all systems active within your network and what measures need to be taken.

All (legacy) equipment that is connected to the network in your organization can be a risk, even those that are not immediately linked to IT Security. Such as (older) production equipment, IoT devices and medical equipment. Hackers are looking for access to your IT and sensitive data everywhere. Unfortunately, we see this every day in the news reports.

Secure your managed and unmanaged devices with Armis.
Armis sees and analyzes in real-time every device that connects to your network, including equipment that often fall outside the usual scope. This is not just about a subset of products, but every device you can think of. IT equipment, OT equipment, wired, wireless, managed, unmanaged, all traffic can be evaluated.

Vulnerabilities within your entire ICT-network are then simply presented in a clear overview. You will always have direct insight into where your priorities lie!

Armis controls the available security tooling like a director. It integrates with an extensive list of existing security solutions. After detecting an acute threat, Armis can, for example, automatically instruct your firewall or NAC to block an IP address or port. This enables optimal use of existing investments.

Armis Centrix™ – the entire attack surface defended and managed in real-time, from floor to cloud.

Fewer vulnerabilities (such as CVEs), so a smaller attack surface

Prevention and remediation

- Proactive through scanning

- Real-time protection

Prioritization of (preventive) actions that need to be carried out, such as:

- Firewall software patching
- Firmware update

Agentless protection:

 IT, OT, IoT and IoMT


- CIS Critical Security Controls



- NIS2



- Zero Trust

Armis Centrix testimonial

Asset Management and Security

Next step to complete control.

Benefit from a powerful asset management solution that gives you complete insight into all devices and systems connected to your network. Quickly discover and eliminate vulnerabilities and optimize the security of your IT network to an unprecedented level. Ensure that regulations and industry standards are safeguarded for your organization.

A unique cyber intelligence that detects and immediately addresses real-time threats across the entire attack surface.

OT/IoT-security: critical infrastructure 24/7 secure

Have insight into the risks of your Operational Technology (OT) environment.

The reach of Armis Centrix™ extends to your entire environment – from the production lines and the on-premise surveillance cameras to the security sensors in the executive boardroom. This is important because attackers see your environment as one large, interconnected system where vulnerabilities can be found.

Armis also sees and analyses 24x7 every OT and IoT device within your network – including SCADA, PLCs and DCS – and the supporting resources that keep your production facilities operational.

Medical equipment security: continuous security, optimal use

Continuous security and optimized usage.

In modern healthcare, medical equipment is indispensable.
Armis Centrix™ identifies and secures all IoMT assets that are essential for the provision of care, such as an MRI scanner in a hospital. Any FDA (Federal Drugs Administration) recalls and MSD2 (Manufacturer Disclosure Statement for Medical Device Security) files are made visible to you. In these files, manufacturers indicate how matters such as security and privacy are guaranteed.

Optimize your security for medical equipment and the people who rely on it.

Take the next step in securing both managed and unmanaged devices.

Proactively limit cyber security risks?

Focus on CVEs that matter: Prioritize vulnerability remediation

Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) about security vulnerabilities are readily available to you.
Armis Centrix™ for “Vulnerability Prioritization and Remediation” calculates a risk score for each asset based on its importance to your organization, vulnerability severity, and exploitability.

This vulnerability information allows you to focus your efforts where they are needed first.

Actionable Threat Intelligence – Anticipate attacks before it's too late

Change your approach to IT Security forever.
Flip the script by identifying threats in real-time and stopping hacker attacks before it's too late.

Armis Centrix™ for Actionable Threat Intelligence based on highly advanced AI technology that uses the dark web, dynamic honeypots and HUMINT to stop attacks before it is too late and your name is in the news.

Armis Managed Threat Services: stay ahead, stay protected

In this dynamic digital age, coordinating, setting up and safeguarding the correct security measures are of the utmost importance for the continuity and reputation of your organization.
Armis Managed Threat Services (MTS) is provided by experts who have led the Global Incident Response, Threat Hunting, and Risk Management programs for major global companies.

It enables SOCs and Security Operations teams to leverage the vast experience gained from monitoring and analyzing the behavior of more than 3 billion unique devices used across all sectors and industries around the world.

Proactively limit cyber security risks?