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Get the full potential of SolarWinds Orion!

  • Customized training for maximum returns
  • SolarWinds Partner for over twenty years
  • Expert instructors with years of hands-on experience
  • Practical exercises

Why SolarWinds Training?

The SolarWinds Orion monitoring software can be used quickly after installation and a basic setup is easily set up. However, the sheer amount of possibilities and options can be overwhelming, leaving the full potential of this monitoring software largely untapped.

By following one of our SolarWinds training courses, you will be introduced to the many options and features in a practical way.

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor – basics of the training

The NPM module* or the SAM module* forms the basis of the SolarWinds training courses. By adding an extra SolarWinds Orion module, the training can be expanded and/or adjusted as desired.

*NPM - Network Performance Monitor
- Server & Application Monitor

Determine objectives

During the free intake interview, the level and content of the SolarWinds training will be determined together with you.

 Customized: optimally composed

To achieve maximum returns, we put together tailor-made training for you and your colleagues

SolarWinds - De Trainingen
Request our brochure for a more detailed insight into the topics per training

SolarWinds Training - Testimonials

These people know more about SolarWinds than I do. And I am considered to be the specialist here.
Steven - SolarWinds testimonial
Steven - Director Global Infrastructure Services

During the 'Noteworthy features' section, the SolarWinds Application Dependency Mapping was discussed, among other things. I had no idea it existed or how easy it is to activate.

The features discussed give me so much more insight.

Vincent - SolarWinds testimonial
Vincent - Senior Management ICT Networks

I always thought SCOM was the best solution. Now I see that SolarWinds Orion can do so much more.

At first we only had a list of alerts. Now we move to informational dashboards.

Edwin - SolarWinds testimonial
Edwin - Network Engineer

The system was set up by someone else and I used maybe 10% of what SolarWinds Orion can do.

Now I know what is really possible and how I can set it up effectively.

Johan - SolarWinds testimonial
Johan - Technical Support Engineer
We thought nested maps were very limited in functionality. During the SolarWinds training we learned that nested maps are easy to convert to nested dashboards with all the functionality we wanted. This makes the maps part of the navigation.
Raul - SolarWinds testimonial
Raul - IT Network management

I thought I knew what was possible with SolarWinds Orion.

Now I see that I actually had no idea.

Jochem - SolarWinds testimonial
Jochem - Network System Engineer

The SolarWinds Quality of Experience feature provides immediate insight into performance issues. Is it the network or the application?

With the help of this feature, it is demonstrated at once and the cause can be quickly traced and resolved.

Marco - SolarWinds testimonial
Marco - ICT Manager

The trainer has adapted the training on an ad hoc basis in response to our specific questions.

Thanks to this SolarWinds training, we can do our work so much better.

Frank - SolarWinds testimonial
Frank - Manager Advanced Support Services
SolarWinds Perfstack feature

Powerful SolarWinds features and best practices

Even after years of use, powerful features within the SolarWinds Orion environment are often easily overlooked. Features that, once set up, make a huge difference in everyday use.

Some examples that are covered during the SolarWinds training:

  • Custom properties
  • NetPath (NPM)
  • Quality of Experience (NPM & SAM)
  • Application Dependency Mapping (SAM)
  • Performance Dashboards
SolarWinds - Static to dynamic

From static to dynamic monitoring

Your SolarWinds installation will move from a static to a dynamic environment with the knowledge gained during the training.

Groups, dashboards, alerts and reports are set up almost completely automatically. Your monitoring environment becomes more efficient and reliable

SolarWinds Training - For whom?

Helpdesk SolarWinds training

For users of a configured SolarWinds monitoring system.

After this training, a user knows how to navigate through the system, what information can be found where and how to deal with notifications.

SolarWinds training

For administrators of the SolarWinds system.

This training provides methods for the implementation and setup of the devices and applications in the SolarWinds system. In such a way that it can be applied quickly and conveniently for users.

Key topics are "Adding to SolarWinds", User accounts, Views, Custom properties, grouping, Dependencies, Alerting and reporting.

Advanced SolarWinds training

Follow-up training for administrators of the SolarWinds system.

This training is a further deepening of the topics from the Basic training supplemented with installation designs, Universal Device Polling, Diagnosis, Troubleshooting, Management Reporting and Chain Monitoring.

Knowledge level:
Basic SolarWinds Training

Master SolarWinds training

This training will prepare you for the SolarWinds SCP exam (SolarWinds Certified Professional).

Because the exam is also taken per module, the Master SolarWinds training focuses on one module. This training puts the finishing touches on the module in question.

The SCP exam itself is not part of the training and can only be administered by SolarWinds.

Knowledge level:
Advanced SolarWinds training

SolarWinds - Teacher

Our instructors - SolarWinds experts

Procyon Networks has been a SolarWinds partner for decades. Our trainers have more than 20 years of practical experience in network engineering and in setting up/configuring SolarWinds monitoring environments.
The combination of these expertises means that a wealth of knowledge, insight and best practices are at your disposal during the SolarWinds training courses.

  • SolarWinds experts

Our SolarWinds experts will guide you through the many options and powerful features. By sharing their in-depth knowledge, practical experience and best practices with you, you get the full potential from the SolarWinds software.

You will greatly increase your knowledge of this powerful monitoring software through our SolarWinds training courses. Gain insight into why certain settings and features are so useful to you and how to apply them in your own SolarWinds environment.