Virtual Wire

'Fibre optic' through the air

Next-level radio connection - fast and reliable


To connect multiple locations, you do not have to depend on a fibre optic cable. Virtual Wire is a license-free 'plug & play' solution with unprecedented bandwidth and availability.
As if it were a fibre optic connection through the air.  

Point-2-point next-level radio connection

Virtual Wire is a point-2-point next-level radio connection developed by Procyon Networks. This solution is based on our Viprinet technology and distinguishes itself, among other things, by bundling several radio links together. The bundling makes gigabit speeds possible and the connection is highly available. Virtual Wire is completely permit-free and therefore affordable and quick to install.

Virtual Wire is the ideal solution if you are awaiting the installation of a fibre optic cable or if a fixed connection is not possible. With this solution you immediately have robust, gigabit fast connections (between your organization's locations).

Do you need network connections only between temporary locations of your organization? Virtual Wire also comes in handy then.

Point-2-point next-level radio connection
Permit-free 'plug & play' solution

Gigabit speeds and high availability

High bandwidth - low latency

Permanently or between temporary locations

Virtual Wire - your solid "giga connection through the air"

What is next-level radio connection??

  • Radio connection with the behaviour of fibre optics through the air
  • Permit-free - so affordable and quick to install 
  • For long-term use
    • Installing fibre optic cable is expensive and time-consuming
    • Reliable backup for, for example, fibre optic cable
    • IP-65 certified
  • Short-term use - temporary locations (such as rental)
  • Easy to install - no configuration required on existing equipment
  • Completely transparent
  • Fast connection due to high bandwidth and low latency
  • Scalable
  • Full-duplex communication available
  • Very high availability
  • Redundant
  • SLA: 99.9%
  • Reliable and safe

In need of next-level radio connection quickly?