SolarWinds Health Check

Guaranteed quick wins for your SolarWinds monitoring environment.

Why get a SolarWinds Health Check?

The two-hour technical (web) session offers concrete improvements and tips, specific to your SolarWinds environment. Important pillars that are interwoven throughout our SolarWinds Health Check are performance, security, scalability and configuration.

A healthy monitoring environment promotes the functionality and security of your IT environment. Our specialists always know how to achieve quick wins that can quickly optimize your SolarWinds environment.

What will be covered?

In our SolarWinds Health Check session, our specialists will walk you through your SolarWinds (Orion) environment.

To ensure that you immediately benefit from multiple quick wins, we focus on a number of common points of interest and our best practices:

Performance Configuration
Alerting    Storm
Custom Properties
Best Practices

SolarWinds Performance

The architecture and configuration of your SolarWinds environment determine the performance of the system. Upgrades and long-term use also affect performance. Together with you we will look at the most important factors that influence this.

We then go through all possible areas for improvement via our best practices baseline.

Simple tips for structural improvements in architecture are discussed.

Alert Storm

Red notifications in dashboards and alerts must require immediate attention. If there are too many red notifications, there is no focus. New notifications are no longer noticeable. Users are alert-blind.

By configuring SolarWinds dashboards and alerting better and with the right insight, the list of red notifications can be greatly reduced and focus will greatly improve.

You will receive concrete recommendations that will cause the alert storm to subside. A red alert is really an alert

SolarWinds Features

The SolarWinds platform contains many valuable features often unknown to many users. Many underutilized SolarWinds features have a major positive effect on your IT monitoring.

Let us show you a number of these valuable features during the SolarWinds Health Check. Such as:

SolarWinds NPM

  • NetPath
  • ConnectNow
  • Network Insight

SolarWinds NPM & SAM

  • QoE: Quality of Experience
  • Performance Analysis Dashboards
  • Dynamic Maps
  • Capacity planning
  • Statistical baselining

SolarWinds SAM

  • ADP: Application Dependency Mapping
  • AppInSight
  • API Polling

Custo​​​​m Properties

Each IT monitoring system provides information about the infrastructure, using automatically discovered categories. Consider classification by brand, type of equipment or application.

However, that is not how we humans view our environment. We often like to see a classification on e.g. location, building, application, function or SLA level.

SolarWinds Custom properties are ideal for this. This feature allows you to create a hierarchy that suits your organizational structure and IT environment. Everything then becomes easier to set up: dashboards, alerts, reports, dynamic groups, limitations, etc.

Best Practices

Over 20 years of experience with SolarWinds has provided a best practices baseline for optimal design of your monitoring. During our Health Check we use this knowledge to optimize your installation.
Consider, among other things, a scalable configuration, the use of dynamic instead of static groups, alert variables, good use of custom properties and the use of all features.


Structural improvement


Functionality and security


Best practices


Dashboads and alerting

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