Software Defined Networking in a WAN

Set up and manage the ICT Network in WAN using software

SD-WAN offers simplicity and speed to monitor and customize WAN networks and integrate public clouds easily and securely.

WAN efficiency in control with SD-WAN

Employees need access to applications and data from the corporate network.
Secure access, anytime, from anywhere.

Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) offers the possibility to keep your WAN network secure, flexible and manageable. Higher performance of your ICT network at a lower cost.

An overlay network is built on your WAN infrastructure, controlled by an SD-WAN controller.
This enables control and management of data services over WAN. For optimal data traffic the most suitable connection in the WAN is used automatically and dynamically.

Lower costs - higher performance
Controlled from SD-WAN controller
Control data services over the WAN
Optimization of data traffic

Better user experience

Benefits of SD-WAN

  • Locations and Applications can be added to the internal ICT network. Easily, securely and in a managed manner

  • Various internet connections (cable, xDSL, fiber, 4G, LTE, etc.) are applicable. This increases capacity and makes connections more cost efficient

  • Critical data traffic in the WAN network can be handled with higher prioritization for a better user experience
  • Insight into data traffic offers the opportunity for optimal security in the form of policy and policies in relation to legislation and regulations such as GDPR

  • By using a management controller, management and configuration are made easily into a manageable solution

Looking for optimal and secure WAN?