SolarWinds Renewals

SolarWinds Maintenance Renewals

Keep your SolarWinds software up-to-date

SolarWinds Renewals USPs

Up-to-date software for a healthy and safe monitoring environment.
Active software maintenance gives you immediate access to all major and minor (security) updates, technical support, beta and release candidate programs, and special SolarWinds customer events.

Improve the functionality of your monitoring and the security of your ICT environment.

Extend SolarWinds Maintenance beneficially

One year of maintenance & support is included with the purchase of SolarWinds licenses. Extending SolarWinds maintenance & support after the first year is a very valuable investment.

Want to arrange SolarWinds maintenance renewals quickly and cost-effectively? Procyon Networks is your SolarWinds partner in the Benelux.
You will receive our affordable quote well before the end date of your SolarWinds maintenance support. Plenty of time to decide or ask any questions you may have.

Want to quickly achieve quick wins for your SolarWinds environment? Then our SolarWinds Health Check is for you.

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SolarWinds Health Check

Quick wins for your environment

Free with active maintenance

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SolarWinds Co-terming


maintenance renewal dates

Do you have multiple SolarWinds licenses with multiple end dates?

By synchronizing or co-terming the SolarWinds renewal dates you simplify the annual renewal process.
Co-terming allows you to select one renewal date for all your SolarWinds licenses.

It's a simple, one-time process that makes it easy to keep your SolarWinds licenses up to date.

As your SolarWinds reseller we can assist you with selecting the end date of your preference.

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SolarWinds Maintenance Renewal - Why?

The SolarWinds Maintenance program is an annual investment. Although it is not mandatory to renew support & maintenance on your SolarWinds licenses, Procyon Networks strongly recommends that you do so. There are numerous valuable reasons for this. Below is an overview of just four of those valuable reasons:
SolarWinds Renewals Software Updates
Numerous software updates
SolarWinds Renewals Extra Software
Extra software releases

SolarWinds Renewals Fast Evolving
Rapid software evolution

SolarWinds Renewals 24-7 support
24/7 Technical support
SolarWinds Renewals Software Updates

1. Numerous software updates

SolarWinds frequently releases new versions of its software. Numerous mayor and minor releases improve the functionality of the SolarWinds modules, ensuring that your monitoring keeps pace with technological developments.

The development teams quickly incorporate new developments and feedback from the field of technology professionals into the new releases. The high frequency of new releases and input from practice makes the SolarWinds Maintenance Renewal Program unique.

All major and minor releases of SolarWinds software are only available for licenses with an active “maintenance & support” contract.

SolarWinds Renewals Extra Software

2. Extra software – more extensive functionality

SolarWinds often provides additional software components that allow you to expand the functionality of your licenses.

These components are only available if your software is under active “maintenance & support” and can be downloaded directly from your SolarWinds customer portal.

A few examples of these additional components are:

SolarWinds Poller Migration Utility

Migrate a SolarWinds Poller to a complete SolarWinds-installation.

SolarWinds NCM Connector for SmartAdvisor™

Perform health checks on Cisco-devices.
Generate reports with SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM) and SmartAdvisor.

SolarWinds Management Pack for Microsoft System centre

Displays data from SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) and Server & Application Monitor (SAM).

SolarWinds Renewals Fast Evolving

3. SolarWinds monitoring - rapid evolution

Technology is changing at a rapid pace and SolarWinds products help make the most of new technologies once they become available on the market and widely deployed.

By keeping your SolarWinds licenses under active maintenance, you have access to new SolarWinds releases, including support for the latest technologies, such as:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon-webservices
  • Cisco Nexus C9236C and Cisco Catalyst 2800 Switch
  • Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance-firewall
  • VMware vSphere, ESX, en ESXi
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Support for wireless access points including: Ruckus Wireless, Meru Networks, Cisco, HP, en Aruba
  • Windows Server 2022
SolarWinds Renewals 24-7 support

4. 24/7 Technical support

The SolarWinds Global Technical Support team is happy to help you with any challenges you encounter. You will receive a quick response by telephone and via the user-friendly ticket system. You can follow the progress via your SolarWinds customer portal.

The SolarWinds Success Center is also available to you, where you can view all support resources (documentation, videos, training, knowledge base articles, etc.) or browse resources by product.

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