SolarWinds Software Development

SolarWinds Software Development

SolarWinds Add-ons, API Interfacing and Integration

  • Full automation of your SolarWinds monitoring environment
  • Integration with your other systems
  • Automatic provisioning of new equipment
  • SolarWinds Partner - with the widest range of SolarWinds services within the Benelux
SolarWinds Automation


SolarWinds Integration


SolarWinds Data Extraction

Data extraction

Why SolarWinds Add-ons and integration?

Repetitive tasks within for example SolarWinds can take a lot of time and be error-prone. This can be done differently. Instead of spending a lot of time manually provisioning new locations and devices, that same activity can be fully automated. Or another example: Creating Dashboards or groups can take a relatively long time. This can be reduced from weeks to minutes of work in large organizations.
Automation leads to simplification of management and prevention of errors in your SolarWinds environment.

Examples of automated SolarWinds tasks are:

  • Create and modify content of a large number of views/dashboards
  • Duplicate groups with different content per group
  • Creation of Network Atlas Maps with other nodes, applications, etc. per map
  • Retrieve SolarWinds data for use in other systems
SolarWinds Software Automation

In depth knowledge of SolarWinds and code

To enable automation and integration, in-depth knowledge of SolarWinds and code is necessary.
Procyon Networks combines both to develop:

  • Add-ons - useful tools to simplify working with SolarWinds
  • Interfacing - retrieving information for use in other systems
  • Integration - full integration into your workflow

Software development varies from small tools with a specific purpose to fully automating time-consuming and often error-prone processes. Our specialists know the SolarWinds system inside and out and will help you achieve a solid result. Together with your team we create the solution as you envision it.

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SolarWinds Software Integration

Bi-directional integration with SolarWinds

In addition to automating tasks, the API can also be used for bi-directional integration into other systems.

For example, the automatic provisioning of new equipment can be controlled from a sales or ticket system to seamlessly integrate SolarWinds into your own workflow.

Retrieving performance data and technical data from the SolarWinds system (data extraction) for use elsewhere is also perfectly possible.