Bundled WAN connection anytime, anywhere

Up to 6x 5G WAN bundling possible


A solid and secure WAN connection in the most difficult places. Even where everyone says that a network connection is not possible. Viprinet is the solution.

6x WAN stability

Much higher quality of the connection due to maximum bundling


Security of connection for the most critical of your applications

100% mobile

Secure thanks to risk spreading across multiple channels

Live streams

High quality connection for live video streaming anywhere

What is Viprinet?

Viprinet is more than a 4G or 5G router, in terms of performance but also security. With Viprinet, all available WAN connections are continuously bundled (up to a maximum of 6 connections). In any form, all kinds of combinations are possible.

The highest possible availability is achieved by using many different connections. The bundled connection is no longer dependent on one network provider. Your data traffic is automatically distributed over the most optimal connections, so that you get the best possible connection quality.

This special mechanism is carried out using central facilities. All traffic is provided with the highest possible "military-grade" encryption.

Always the best possible and/or most price-friendly WAN connection wherever you are.
Proactive management through specialist IT network support, problems are prevented before they arise.

Automatic bundling connections

Maximum possible availability

Fully possible mobile coverage in the Netherlands

Highest possible military grade encryption

Including proactive management

24/7 monitoring

Viprinet - Always online, always broadband

How does Viprinet work?

Viprinet uses the highest quality mobile technology: 5G 4x4 MiMo. All available connections are continuously bundled to a maximum of 6 WAN connections. In whatever form, all kinds of combinations of both fixed and mobile connections are possible.

Quality of Service (QoS) options ensure that data traffic is transported over the connections with the least disruption. This ensures that the highest possible quality is achieved at a specific location.
Central facilities have been set up for this special mechanism in the Procyon Networks data centre. Network traffic from the Viprinet router to the data centre is encrypted at all times. The connection is established via VPN and the traffic is provided with the highest possible "military-grade" encryption.
Your own VPN solution is also easy to combine.

The Viprinet offers professional WiFi based on the latest WiFi technology (WiFi 6 (ax)), which automatically chooses the best connection on the WiFi network.

How secure is Viprinet?

Network traffic via Viprinet is always encrypted using the equipment on the other side of the lines. The connection is established via VPN and the traffic is provided with the highest possible "military-grade" encryption. Your own VPN solution is also easy to combine.
All data is sent with end-to-end encryption. The data traffic runs via an SSL VPN with a TLS certificate. Internet access is secured with a Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) with various security services, such as Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Advanced Malware Protection, Application Control, URL & DNS & Video Filtering and Antispam Service.

Hardware and software comes exclusively from renowned European and American brands. Distribution of data across different providers makes intercepting the total set of sent data particularly complex.
As a supplier to vital professional groups and industries to securely organize your (mobile) data communication.

Fast WAN connection anywhere, anytime?

Viprinet use case -

critical mobile application

Specialized in bundling up to six WAN connections, three providers are used for critical mobile applications - KPN, Vodafone and Odido. Each with its own, separate network and its own transmission towers.
By combining these providers, Viprinet strives for maximum availability and the most complete mobile coverage possible in the Netherlands.
This means you are no longer subject to network disruptions at one of the providers.

All three mobile connections function entirely on 5G, automatically switch to 4G and if necessary even to 3G where 5G is not yet available.

Viprinet automatically bundles all available connections into one high-quality connection.