NOC/SOC Services

ICT network management that goes beyond what you expect

Network specialist who responds faster than their own SLA

Fully provided ICT infrastructure for every organization in the most diverse industries.

From Enterprise to MBK, from University to primary education.

ICT Management as you have always wished for

NOC/SOC Services by an ICT partner who maintains your ICT network objectively and with in-depth technical knowledge. You get solutions that suit you.

With the NOC/SOC Services from Procyon Networks you are assured of a secure, highly available ICT network. Now and in the future.
You have, as it were, an extra IT colleague in us.

Your ICT infrastructure will be maintained in excellent condition. Together with you, we ensure that your ICT network functions highly available and secure 24/7.

Clear communication, high-quality technological IT services and short lines ensure a smoothly running process in the event of issues or (planned) changes, for example.

All without your ticket disappearing in a portal. You always have personal contact with an experienced, dedicated network engineer.

 24/7 Pro-active monitoring

Secure and highly available ICT network

Smoothly running change/incident processes

SLA Performance and Security Reporting

Transparent and Personal

NOC/SOC Services testimonials


Issues are always smoothly resolved and always mutually agreed who does what.

The fear of losing a single point of contact is unfounded when working with you. Excellent communication.

Mieke - Coordinator ICT

Knowledge document in offer

We have seen our knowledge document, which is used for our IT Infrastructure, linked back in your offer.

This clearly took into account the technical conditions that we as an organization must meet.
Rob - Manager IT Infrastructure
Real Pro-active Management

You are the only party I have experienced that really performs sound proactive management.

You contact us instead of the other way around.

Even well before we notice that something is wrong.

Twan - System Manager
Short lines

The line I have with you is short. This was different with previous organizations and some other parties.

Then the line was sometimes quite elastic and the reaction time also took much longer.

Marco - Information manager
Sound advice and clear communication

You provide sound advice and are proactive if, for example, hardware needs to be replaced with a multi-year budget. This will be looked at together with us. You indicate in clear language why we should or should not make a certain choice.

Mario - Project Manager ICT

Focused on improvement

You are a network management company that is really focused on what can and should be improved.

You also keep a close eye on recent developments and inform us about them in a timely manner. Clear communication.

Robert - Network Manager
Hardly any network problems

Your technical strategy allows you to use the right equipment smartly.

Since you have been our IT partner and taken care of our IT management, we rarely have any problems on our network.

Menno -Teamleider ICT
Personally committed

The personal involvement of your engineers is enormous.

Everything has to work well, your engineers don't let go until it works.

Tom - System Engineer

NOC/SOC Services that go beyond what you are used to?

NOC/SOC Services should be bespoke, always.

Which NOC/SOC services suit you?

NOC Services

  • 24/7 Pro-active monitoring(ML / AI)
  • Alerting
  • 2nd/3rd line management
  • Preventive maintenance of equipment and software
  • Change management
  • Incident management
  • Problem management
  • Product Lifecycle management
  • SLA Rapporting

SOC Services

  • Alle NOC services plus:
  • 24/7 Detection & Prevention (ML/AI)
  • SIEM
  • Live support
  • Risk assessment
  • Vulnerability management:
  • Inventory Scanning (CMDB)
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Threat Intelligence & Response
  • Recovery & Remediation
  • Root Cause Investigation

Transparent NOC/SOC Services - visible in everything we do

NOC/SOC Services - Faster than our own SLA

How do we do that:

NOC - 24/7 Monitoring

All your ICT network equipment is monitored 24/7. There is insight into the entire operational technology down to the deepest layers of your ICT infrastructure.

Thanks to 24/7 monitoring, the functioning of the services on your ICT network is always in view.

You will immediately be alerted to (latent) issues and incidents. Before you even notice its effects.

In addition, 24/7 monitoring ensures that your ICT network

is proactively managed, supported by ML/AI.

NOC/ SOC Integration

By integrating NOC and SOC services, your ICT network is and remains not only flexible and available, but also secure.

After an extensive risk inventory and 24/7 SIEM monitoring, risks are immediately visible.

Is action necessary? Then you will know swiftly. Together with our experts, a quick recovery is ensured.

Thanks to NOC/SOC Services you work proactively and planned.

A well-organized process

The very first conversation? Or has your ICT network been managed by us for years? Thanks to a well-organized and regular process, you know exactly where you stand and will always have overview.

In need of another IT partner? We will guide you throughout the entire process, so you are completely care-free.

Well managed NOC/SOC Services?