SolarWinds Access Rights Manager

Protect, manage and control access rights to your ICT infrastructure

SolarWinds ARM - Dashboard

SolarWinds ARM - What is it?

SolarWinds Access Rights Manager (ARM) is the tool for simplified Active Directory provisioning on your IT network.

Greater visibility and control over provisioning (and deprovisioning) of AD and Azure AD users is essential for effective data loss prevention. SolarWinds ARM immediately identifies credential misconfigurations and triggers quick mitigation alerts such as account deletions.

AD user management and smooth reporting generation to demonstrate compliance with internal regulations is so much easier with the SolarWinds ARM.

Implement automated user provisioning tools to support SLAs, improve security compliance, and reduce costs.

Manage user access rights
Effectively, quickly and easily
Quick identification and visualization of AD user management
Easily generate reports and demonstrate compliance with internal regulations
SLA support
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Active Directory Monitoring

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Windows file sharing control

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Compliance with e.g. GDPR, PCI, HIPAA

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Monitoring Microsoft of Exchange

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Sharepoint access monitoring
and management

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Network Access Control (NAC)

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User Provisioning and Management

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Self-service Permissions Portal

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Identity Management

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Custom Report Generation AD
and Azure AD Reports

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User rights portal

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Authentication Systems Overview

SolarWinds ARM Create User

What can SolarWinds ARM do?

  • Automated AD user management to provision, de-provision, manage and control user access rights to systems, data and files.
    SolarWinds ARM is designed to help IT and security administrators manage Active Directory provisioning quickly and easily.
  • With SolarWinds ARM, analyse user authorizations and access rights and gain insight into who has access to what and when users had access.
  • Role-specific templates help provision and deregister users and ensure that issuing access rights is in accordance with security policies.

SolarWinds ARM Reporting
    • SolarWinds ARM provides support for timely and complete deprovisioning of user access.
    • Delegate partial automatic authorization of user rights depending on relevant functions.
    • By automatically controlling user access to sensitive files and folders, you further improve the security of your IT environment.
    • Demonstrate compliance with most regulatory requirements with customized reports with the SolarWinds ARM.

SolarWinds ARM Azure AD User Provisioning

Improve IT productivity with SolarWinds ARM

Automated user access to services and files:

- create, - modify, - activate, - deactivate and delete.

  • Set up and manage new user accounts in seconds using standardized, role-specific templates that provide access to file servers, SharePoint and Exchange.
  • Put user access rights directly into the hands of data owners instead of administrators through a web-based, self-service permissions portal
SolarWinds ARM - AD - Azure

I use Microsoft Active Directory or Azure AD.

Do I still need the SolarWinds ARM?

Definitely! SolarWinds ARM has been specifically developed for MS AD and Azure AD because that is the backbone of your user and authorization structure.

Understanding the rights structure can be a major challenge. Especially if it also needs to be assessed whether your environment meets certain compliance standards (GDPR, PCI, HIPAA).

ARM is the tool to greatly simplify the management of these environments with analyses, quick insights and automation of complex tasks.

  • Developed specifically for MS AD and Azure AD
  • Meets compliance standards

SolarWinds ARM - Two license types

Audit and Full Edition

SolarWinds ARM has two license types, so there is always a solution that suits your organization's needs.

1- ARM Audit Edition

The basic license
2- ARM Full Edition

Audit Edition plus AD-user management and provisioning
SolarWinds ARM Audit Edition

SolarWinds ARM - Audit Edition

License type based on number of active accounts w/in AD.

This basic license from the ARM supports you with analyzing, monitoring and auditing AD user access rights.

The ARM Audit Edition is the basic license of SolarWinds ARM.

SolarWinds ARM Full Edition

SolarWinds ARM - Full Edition

This extended SolarWinds ARM license offers the Audit Edition supplemented with AD user management and provisioning.

Self-service portal data owner-driven rights delegation and delegation of access rights to the data owner.

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