SolarWinds IT Management Platform

SolarWinds Systems Management

Extensive toolset for a

reliable IT infrastructure

Applications and storage

SolarWinds Observability

Extends visibility across the entire SaaS technology stack to support your web applications.

Hybrid Cloud Observability

Full-stack intelligence software for network, cloud, infrastructure, application and database. Vendor independent.


Server & Application Monitor

Comprehensive server and application monitoring, easy and intuitive to use.

Virtualization Manager

Monitoring tool for virtual machine management, designed to resolve performance issues.

Storage Resource Monitor

Storage management and reporting. Status, performance, capacity from multiple suppliers.


Server Configuration Monitor

Insight into system changes and easily compare server configurations. Cloud and on-premise.

Web Performance Monitor

Designed to find and fix internal and external performance issues of sites and apps.


Log Analyzer

Easily investigate machine data and identify the cause of IT issues.



SaaS-based APM and infrastructure tool for hybrid and cloud-native IT environments.

Access Rights Manager

Manage and control access rights within your ICT infrastructure. Improve your compliance.

SolarWinds Systems Management

Comprehensive server and application management that is simple, interoperable and customizable, from systems, IPs and VMs to containers and services.

Optimize resource utilization and reduce MTTR with powerful monitoring, detection, dependency visibility, alerting, reporting, and capacity planning.

  • Monitor Azure and AWS IaaS, PaaS and SaaS
  • More than 1,200 ready-to-use monitoring templates, plus more than 1,000 community templates
  • Custom monitoring with REST API, WMI, SNMP and a multitude of supported scripting languages such as PowerShell and Pythons
  • Mapping dependencies within the infrastructure
  • Extensive management of the virtualization environment
  • Powerful capacity planning tools
  • VM distribution management
  • Manage your on-premise, hybrid and cloud environment
  • Visibility across the entire application stack
  • Alert and report on deviations from baseline in near real-time
  • Manage server configuration changes

Why systems management?

Application performance
Virtualization optimization
Storage capacity and performance
Configuration monitoring

App-Centric Dependency dashboard

Reliable IT infrastructure?

SolarWinds Observability

Unified application and infrastructure data provide comprehensive insight.

Support for open source frameworks, container technologies, and third-party integrations

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) help simplify the management of distributed environments.

SolarWinds Observability connects data points from dynamic and distributed cloud environments and uses built-in intelligence to deliver actionable insights into performance issues. Explore service relationships and dependency maps through multi-level visualization so you can correlate system behavior with application performance and business outcomes.

SolarWinds Observability provides AIOps, ML-powered entity groups, and custom metrics to uncover and prioritize performance issues and help eliminate alert storms. Built-in intelligence identifies unknown unknowns and makes cloud systems more resilient and proactive.

A SaaS offering built to extend visibility across the cloud-native, on-premise and hybrid technology stack, allowing DevOps, IT Ops and Cloud Ops teams to spend more time developing new modern applications and infrastructures, drive innovation while continuing to meet SLAs and exceed customer expectations across legacy on-premise and hybrid IT through a single, unified offering.

Hybrid Cloud Observability

Hybrid Cloud Observability (HCO) visualizes, observes, restores and automates your IT environment. HCO is built to ensure availability and generate actionable insights.

  • Accelerate problem resolution
  • Provides cross-domain correlation to help you automate visualization, analytics, management, troubleshooting, and compliance tasks
  • Help ensure service levels
  • Advanced analytics allows teams to more accurately predict resource capacity to help prevent issues and unplanned downtime
  • Increase productivity and flexibility
  • Correlated data from all domains supports broad use by IT Ops, DevOps, and security teams.

Server & Application Monitor - SAM

Comprehensive server and application monitoring easy and intuitive to use.
Typically deployable in minutes

Monitor Azure and AWS IaaS, PaaS and SaaS

1200+ templates for application monitoring

Visibility across the stack

Gain insight into the health and performance of your hybrid IT environment with more than 1200 OOTB templates.

Troubleshooting for hybrid applications

Set thresholds and alerts and view powerful visualizations to quickly identify the root cause of performance issues.

Server capacity planning

Monitor capacity and optimize investments in server and hardware resources through appropriate resource allocation.

  • Customized application and server monitoring with REST API, WMI, SNMP and a multitude of supported scripting languages such as PowerShell and Pythons
  • Customizable server monitoring
  • Mapping the dependencies in the infrastructure

Virtualization Manager - VM

Monitoring and management of virtual machines designed to resolve performance issues.

Extensive virtualization management

VM recommendations

VM sprawl management

Capacity planning and optimization

Performance monitoring designed to allow you to predict CPU usage, memory and storage needs for virtual appliances and servers.

Troubleshooting and troubleshooting

Smart tools to analyze the current state of the IT environment and implement solutions.

Visibility of the virtual environments

Gain visibility into your virtual servers with intuitive dashboards that map VMs to their underlying host, storage, and related objects.

  • Extensive management of the virtual environment
  • Powerful capacity planning tools
  • VM Sprawl Management
  • Manage your on-premise, hybrid and cloud environment
  • Visibility across the entire application stack

Storage Resource Monitor - SRM

Manage storage and report on the status, performance and capacity of multi-vendor storage.

Monitor multi-vendor storage environment

Performance and capacity planning

Alerts and detection of hotspots

Optimize your storage

Collect storage capacity data and track usage over time to identify capacity issues. View the trends that show when storage capacity limits will be reached.

Troubleshoot your storage

With unified storage monitoring, you can identify bottlenecks in your storage infrastructure and take corrective action.

Visualize your storage

Visualize and monitor all your storage issues from an intuitive dashboard that tracks multiple vendors in your environment.

  • Support for multi-vendor storage devices
  • Storage performance monitoring and hotspot detection
  • Automated storage capacity planning
  • Improved insight into your (storage) infrastructure
  • Cross-stack IT data correlation
  • Integration with SolarWinds® Virtualization Manager (VMAN) and Server & Application Monitor (SAM)

Server Configuration Monitor - SCM

Insight into system changes and easily compare configurations over time with this change monitoring tool.

Track server and application changes

Check databases for unauthorized changes

Correlate configuration changes with performance

Improve visibility

Easily see if an application or server configuration change is causing a performance issue or outage.

Make compliance measurable

Operationalize compliance monitoring of server configurations by adding OOTB policies and viewing dynamic reports.

Quality server configuration

Quickly understand whether configuration changes are related to a malfunction or performance issue.

Detect and compare configuration changes of your servers, databases and applications

  • Baseline server and application configurations on Windows and Linux
  • Alert and report on deviations from baseline in near real-time
  • See who is making configuration changes to servers or applications
  • Compare current configurations with previous versions
  • Correlate configuration changes with performance metrics
  • Maintain server hardware and software inventory

Reliable IT infrastructure?

Web Performance Monitor - WPM

Complete web performance monitoring

Continuous monitoring of synthetic transactions

Detailed load time statistics

Identify and resolve web application problems

Use synthetic transactions to test key web pages, endpoints and user transactions and identify and resolve performance and availability issues.

Monitor the health of web applications

Gain confidence that your web applications are up and running.

Monitor web application performance

Ensure web applications perform as expected. Discover performance issues before your users do.

  • Full performance monitoring
  • Continuous monitoring of synthetic transactions
  • Detailed load time statistics
  • Text matching based on regular expressions
  • Response web design

Log Analyzer - LA

Collect, consolidate and analyze log data to help you find the root cause faster: SNMP traps, Windows, VMware and flat files.

Search and filter log data

Apply filters and color-coded tags to aid your search, refine your results, and quickly identify performance issues.

Interactive, real-time log stream

Simplify troubleshooting by reviewing log data to identify potential problems as they arise.

  • Collection and analysis of logs and events
  • Powerful search and filtering
  • Real-time log stream
  • Event log tagging
  • Flat log file recording (flat files)
  • Orion Platform integration

SolarWinds AppOptics - AO

Application and infrastructure monitoring

Custom statistics

Monitor custom infrastructure, application, and business metrics and easily overlay time-related data.

Instant visibility

Visualize your infrastructure on a single dashboard with hosts and containers.

Problem identification

Streamline application performance monitoring with root cause tracing, code profiling, and exception tracking.

  • Automatically generated topology map for application services
  • Identify the performance issues
  • Visibility across the entire stack
  • Modern infrastructure monitoring
  • AWS monitoring

Access Rights Manager - ARM

The tool for simplified Active Directory provisioning on your ICT network (post link)

Recognize and manage high-risk access rights

Minimize the impact of insider threats

Improve compliance by detecting changes

Active Directory Monitoring

Automate the management, analysis and enforcement of access rights.

Demonstrate your compliance

Quickly generate and deliver comprehensive user access reports for regulatory compliance and audits.

Minimized risk

Manage risk by detecting malicious access attempts and compromised accounts.

  • Quickly identify who has access to what
  • Fast, accurate account registration
  • Delegate access rights management

Reliable IT infrastructure?