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SolarWinds Database Performance

Databases serve different purposes

Your monitoring must adapt accordingly

Database Performance Analyzer

Monitor and optimize multiple DBMS (database management systems) platforms for cloud and on-premise environments. Supports a wide range of proprietary databases.

SolarWinds SQL Sentry

Database performance monitoring for SQL Server and Azure SQL databases. Rapid root cause analysis and visibility across the entire data domain.


SolarWinds Database solutions

SolarWinds Database solutions help keep your data available and scalable, while identifying the root cause of performance issues.

Every application is a database application

SolarWinds is building a vision for complete observability of your databases, connected apps and infrastructure to connect performance monitoring and root cause analysis to your business success.

Complete data insights

You need more from your database software solution than a warning that something is wrong. With SolarWinds you can monitor your entire database architecture and drill down to the root cause of poorly performing queries.

Easily scale your database architectures

Master your data environment with DataOps solutions designed to streamline essential database tasks, data projects, and data-centric application development.

Optimize performance

Keep applications running at peak performance with application performance management built to provide insights you can proactively act on.

Manage your data for different database types

With database software built for modern architectures, SolarWinds offers solutions for many leading relational, traditional, open-source, and cloud-native databases, including AWS and Azure.

Monitor your data wherever it is

Migrate to the Cloud or stay local? SolarWinds supports your Cloud migration with options in the Cloud, on-premise or in hybrid environments.

Why database monitoring?

Complete observation of your databases

Detection of root cause performance issues

Monitoring your entire database architecture
Streamline tasks and projects using DataOps solutions
Performance optimization

Cloud migration support

(Cloud, on-premise or hybrid)

Optimal user experience?

Database Performance Analyzer - DPA

Monitor Oracle, Postgres, Microsoft SQL Server, MariaDB, MySQL, Amazon Aurora and SAP

Integrate database monitoring with Orion modules and SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability

Anomaly detection made possible by machine learning

Database Performance Analyzer supports a wide range of database platforms, including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2 and more. This gives organizations a complete view of their database environment with a consistent approach to managing and monitoring database performance.

Anomaly detection by machine learning

Unlike database performance monitoring solutions that use outdated user-defined thresholds, Database Performance Analyzer detects performance anomalies based on machine learning that gets smarter over time. What is normal at 2 p.m. on Monday is different from 9 a.m. on Thursday.

Agentless installation with a low overhead of 1%

The last thing you want from a database performance management and monitoring solution is the hassle of installing agents on your database instances or incurring overhead just to monitor them. DPA is agentless and has thousands of customers; monitoring more than 100,000 database instances incurs only 1% or less overhead.

  • Cross-platform database support for both the Cloud and on-premises
  • Anomaly detection made possible by machine learning
  • Expert advice with index and query tuning advisors
  • VMware vSphere performance monitoring
  • Detailed data up to the second, both real-time and historical
  • PerfStack and AppStack integration with the SolarWinds Orion Platform

SolarWinds SQL Sentry - SQL

SolarWinds SQL Sentry provides database performance monitoring for the Microsoft SQL Server platform only.

Manage the Microsoft SQL Server platform with metrics built to dive deep into your databases.

Monitor SQL Server, Azure SQL DB, SQL Server Analysis Services, and Windows and VMware hosts

SQL Sentry has proven scalability and monitors more than 800 SQL Server instances with a single database

View high-impact queries in the Top SQL view to identify and resolve query performance bottlenecks

Understanding your SQL Server and Azure SQL database environment.

Monitor SQL Server, Azure® SQL Database, SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), and Windows® and VMware® hosts

Scalable monitoring

SQL Sentry has proven scalability, with proven success monitoring over 800 SQL Server instances with a single monitoring database.

Useful performance information

View real-time and historical performance statistics and easily drill down to the root cause of performance issues.

  • The health of the database environment at a glance
  • Proactive warning and response system
  • Find and fix high-impact queries with the newly added Top SQL Queue Statistics
  • Manage scheduled events and identify resource conflicts in an Outlook-style calendar
  • Storage forecasting powered by predictive analytics
  • Identify problems in the operating system and virtual environment

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